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As of Spring 2006, we've reduced the number of currently active research topics to (just) 4. However, work on each of these topics will be much more intense. For example, we will regularly use the Project Seminar to report progress in each topic, following a fixed schedule - one topic / day, repeating the series after 4 weeks.

These are the currently active BerlinRoofNet topics.

  1. Refactoring BRN (feature freeze) / BRN@c-base
    • Responsible: BRN core team
      • Current Build Info (here)
      • Handoff implementation (Kurth)
      • DSR improvements (AZu)
      • Communication between BRN kernel module and userland (J.Mueller)
      • SDP (Jeschke)
      • Gateway (J.Mueller)
      • Systematic unit tests and failure detection in BRN
      • (Supervising the BRN software)
  1. Multi-Channel Opportunistic Routing (in wireless ad-hoc mesh-networks)
    • Responsible: A. Zubow, M.Kurth
      • Capacity improvements with MC, ExOR
      • Delay reduction with MC, ExOR
      • Radio interference management
      • Multiple bit-rate support in JiST/SWANS (More)
      • Publication envisioned
  2. Network Coding for VoIP (over wireless ad-hoc mesh networks)
    • Responsible: tbd, A.Zubow
      • capacity/delay tradeoffs
      • network coding for streams
      • Publication envisioned
  3. Self-Organization of Auto-Configuration Services for wireless mesh community networks
    • Responsible: J.Müller, R.Sombrutzki
      • DHCP, DNS de-centralized services (without a server)
      • TurboARP
      • Internet Gateway
      • Publication envisioned
  4. BRN Software Workbench
    • Responsible: M. Jeschke, C. Krüger, E. Fuhrmann
      • Tool Chains for Embedded Linux (hacking the xyz), Cick Modular Router
      • Software Distribution Platform (SDP)
      • Experimentation Platform
      • Publication envisioned
  5. Network Coding for Bit-Error Recovery (internal page)
    • Responsible: U. Hermann

If you are interested to write a term paper or a Masters (Diplom) thesis, please contact any of the involved researchers for more information.


Here is a list of currently ongoing work (sub projects) related to the Berlin Roof Net project. For a list of all thesis topics see [1].

Older sub projects: