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SarWiki: System Architecture @ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Welcome!


  • Home Automation
  • Humboldt Wireless Lab ... research on ad-hoc wireless mesh network
  • SPAN ... Secure Personal Area Networks
  • ARM4SNS ... Anonymous Reputation Management for Social Network Services
  • GK... Graduate Collage "Model-based Development of Technologies for self-organizing Information Systems - for Application in Disaster Management"
  • SAFER ... Seismic Early Warning for Europe
  • EDIM ... An Earthquake Disaster Information System for Marmara
  • BERLEX ... (Geo Sensor System for) Management of Heat Waves in large cities
  • INNOVATE ... Dhaka: Informal settlements, urban environment, and public health - Strategies to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way
  • Global Change & Human Health


Graduation Theses


  • Common Guidelines [1]


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