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  • VLANs in Mesh Networks
  • Assigned to: Andreas Dittrich


  • Problem statement.
    • The BRN acts as a transparent switch for it's participants. It is my goal to make it useable as a variable multi-switch. Encryption and authentication will be added to secure the VLANs. In the end you will have complete layer 2 vpns.
  • What do you want to achieve? What is NOT inside the scope of your work?
  • If successful, what contribution will your work make (scientific, technical)?


  • List of standard/basic papers a person skilled in the art should have read.
    • IEEE 802.11 Standard and the most important working group drafts as follows
    • IEEE 802.11i secure wireless networks with AES
    • IEEE 802.1Q Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks
  • List of relevant conferences, standards organizations to follow up with.
    • IEEE 802.11q about VLAN tagging in 802.11 Frames? I have never seen this one.
    • IEEE 802.11s not yet finished, supposed to be a standard for wireless mesh networks
    • IEEE 802.11b for wireless operation up to 11Mbit/s
    • IEEE 802.11g for wireless operation up to 54Mbit/s


  • competing technologies, companies/research teams
    • So far there are a few but not very widespread proprietary solutions from different vendors (eg Cisco). I haven't found a direct competion. VLAN-tagging in standard wireless networks is pretty much the same as in wired equivalents and requires following the 802.1Q standard and using the hardware to deal with it. In mesh networks there are different problems. I guess it's pretty new and since the standard for mesh-networks, 802.11s isn't even finished yet most vendors seem to wait for a base to build on.

Personal Knowledge Base

  • Description of your work / your approach
  • Results so far (reports, experiments downloadable software, ...)

Project Plan: Working Packages

  • List of tasks, milestones with deadlines, and deliverables

See Also

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