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Reputation Management


Here you can find some descriptions of trust. Depending of the trust model the authors explain some methods used for establishing trust in P2P applications. The document gives a survey of trust systems (policy based, reputation-based, social networks-based).

The authors examine the issue of managing trust in P2P systems. They focus on reputation based schemes and give also a survey of related work.

This paper presents an attribute vector calculus based approach for modeling a continuum of trust; which models the real world model of trust, as closely as possible.

There is a conflict between trust and privacy. Both depend on knowledge about an entity. They work with multiple virtual identities and link evidences to an identity.

Identity is a central element of computational trust. The lack of a central authority for all entities can be used for privacy protection.

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Most 2D barcode projects are designed/used to encode URLs. See RFC 4151 and for a way to create URI schemes (e.g. to encode a public key fingerprint) on the fly.

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