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In general, what is Reputation Information good for?

  • Value Preposition: To WHOM does reputation provide WHAT value?
    • Where can the availability of reputation information help to make things better?
    • How does it help there (what does 'better' mean)?
  • Limitations: What can Reputation Information NOT provide?

What is Reputation?

  • a 0,1,2,n dimensional value?
  • a discrete or rational number?
  • comparable?

Userfriendly submission/use of Reputation Information

  • Tools for making submission of reputation information user friendly
  • Tools for making use (application) of reputation information user friendly
  • Acceptability of Reputation Information by end users

Using/supplying Reputation Information anonymously

  • make it algorithmically impossible to derive a reputation information supplier's / user's identiy.

Toolset ... for building Reputation-based Solutions

Architecture for a Reputation Information Management System

  • building blocks for building a reputation management system (what functions do they provide, how do they intedepend on each other, feature/implmentation options/alternatives)

Method for integrating Reputation Information into a product/solution

Contributions of THIS project

Ongoing Work

which building block, which requirements (expected outcome)

Future Work

which building block, which requirements (expected outcome)