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Meraki Networks is a startup company that provides infrastructure - both hardware and software - for wireless mesh networks. Their inexpensive wireless routers - called Meraki mini - are currently available only through a beta program.


The mesh firmware installed by Meraki seems to be derived from OpenWRT.

Package Contents

Meraki Mini Router
Enclosure (Outdoor)
Power Supply (US plug)
Ethernet Cable
Power over Ethernet Adapter


1 Power socket
1 Ethernet socket
1 JTAG socket


The Meraki Mini is based on the Atheros AR2315 single chip solution which integrates an 32-bit MIPS R4Kc-class processor, a MAC and baseband processor as well as a radio module. Memory is realized by a 32 MByte SDRAM MICRON MT48LC16M16A2P-75 and a 8 MByte SD Flash. Realtek RTL8201CP Ethernet PYreceiver

Serial Line

Pin layout:

  • VCC (3.3V)
  • RX
  • TX
  • GND

Cable appears to be powered by the host side, not the Meraki side. Speed is 115200 bits per second

SSH Access

This is just one way to get access to the Meraki (see Meraki with OpenWRT for details):

  • Windows
    • Install FTDI FT232 drivers
    • Connect USB cable to PC
    • Apply power to Meraki Mini
    • Connect to COM5 with Hyperterminal: 115200 Bits/s, no flow control
  • Press [OK]
  • Get IP address: ifconfig eth0
  • Connect with ssh to IP address
    • User: meraki
    • Password: Serial number (see enclosure "SN:")


Meraki Homepage
Meraki Manage Login
Meraki with OpenWRT
Meraki Version of OpenWRT (tgz file)
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