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The Netgear KWGR614 is promoted as an "Open-source Wireless-G router for hobbyists". Firmware is available online. Apart from that there is no special support for hacking the firmware etc.

Package Contents

2 detachable 2dBi SMA antennas
Setup CD
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable
Warranty/Support Card


2 SMA antenna sockets
1 ADSL socket
4 Ethernet sockets
1 Reset button (Antenna Settings)
1 Power socket


The KWGR614 is based (according to the support, chip is covered by passive fan) on a RTL8651B chipset with a 200Mhz RISC CPU. The wireless chipset is a hardwired RTL8185L. Memory is realized with a 16 MByte EtronTech EM38165TS-7G SDRAM and a 4 MByte Macronix 29LV320CVBC-90G Flash chip. The ethernet ports are provided by a Delta LFE8782 transformer. There are no obvious internal debug interfaces.

Changing the Firmware

Firmware can be updated via http interface. The firmware page also describes how to download a new firmware via TFTP. OpenWRT does not support this device yet.


Official Page
Support Page
Firmware Source Code
heise online - Netgear liefert Open-Source-WLAN-Router aus