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FritzBox3070 1.JPG

Hardware Interfaces

  • Back
    • RJ-11 socket DSL
    • USB-B socket
    • 4 RJ-54 sockets (Ethernet 10/100 Base-T)
    • USB-A socket
    • Power button
    • Power socket
    • WLAN button
  • Front
    • 5 diodes: "Power", "LAN", "WLAN", "DSL", "INFO"

Serial Port

Pin layout:

  • VCC (3.3V)
  • RX
  • TX
  • GND

The 3.3 Volt pin is the one next to the Atheros miniPCI card. Speed is 38400 bits per second.


The enclosure can be opened by pressing the brackets with a slotted screwdriver towards the device.

Broadband Chip: TNETD7300A7DW (aka AR7)

Switch Controller: Infineon ADM6996L

Ethernet Pulse Transformer: UE40ST1041AX-U LF


Flash Memory: MX29LV320C (4 MByte)

SDRAM Memory: Qimonda/Infineon HYB39SC256160FE-7 (32 MByte)

WiFi Card: Texas Instruments TNETW1130 (aka ACX111) in MiniPCI-like slot

Changing the Firmware

The development branch of OpenWRT experimentally supports AR7 devices. OpenWRT has been successfully installed on a Fritz!Box SL. The 3070 might require a different flash memory layout.

Changing the memory layout

Original memory layout:

mtd0 0x90000000 0x90000000
mtd1 0x90010000 0x903c0000
mtd2 0x90000000 0x90010000
mtd3 0x903c0000 0x903e0000
mtd4 0x903e0000 0x90400000


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