The Maze Peer-To-Peer System

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The Maze-Peer-To-Peer System was built up by academics from Peking University and Microsoft Research Asia to improve data transfer across the high-bandwidth CERNET (China Education and Research Network). It consists of more than 1.4 million registered users (2004) and roughly 13TB of data are exchanged daily.

Maze's incentive system

Maze uses a simple point incentive system to prevent users from free-riding. Peers consume points by downloading and earn points by uploading files. According to their point total P, peer's download requests are queued by requestTime - 3\cdot log_{10}P and provided with higher bandwidth. In order to encourage uploading and to prevent imposing hardships on peers with slow links and those holding many unpopular files, a rule was established which gives uploading more points than downloading. Furthermore, new peers get bootstrapping points to download at least 3GB of data before its downloads are throttled.