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" does not exist, try again"

not only that, but all ceased to exist in DNS... where are the files now?

  • Still there, but sardmn is the internal namespace. You need to tell your DNS resolver to use to resolve names below (and of course access to our VPN). There is also an external name in the DNS, but I'm not sure what it's used for.
    --Henryk 20:44, 21 February 2006 (CET)

Comments / corrections

The URL for the linksys wrt54gs code is invalid. A correct one (as of this writing) is This illustrates the danger of using URLs you do not control in a project's makefile. Regardless, I have uploaded a copy to that should remain valid for quite some time. Connectivity at this site is good, it will probably be faster than the linksys site for most users.

Click fails to link

During the linking stage of compiling Click, hundreds of undefined references happen. Starting with:

make/ warning: ignoring old commands for target `click-dirclean' ftpportmapper.o(.text+0x2c):../elements/app/ undefined refer ence to `Element::Element[not-in-charge](int, int)' ftpportmapper.o(.text+0x94):../elements/app/ undefined refer ence to `Element::Element[not-in-charge](int, int)' ftpportmapper.o(.text+0xfc):../elements/app/ undefined refer ence to `Element::~Element [not-in-charge]()' ftpportmapper.o(.text+0x14c):../elements/app/ undefined refe rence to `Element::~Element [not-in-charge]()' ftpportmapper.o(.text+0x1a4):../elements/app/ undefined refe rence to `Element::~Element [not-in-charge]()'

Failed to retrieve ssh package for wgt634u

Some binary files seemed to be removed from the, I was able to get and install netgear-sar.cfg, how ever was not able to download further files from the links within the script. Is there an alternative location to get ssh working on wgt634u? Thanks in advance!