Serial console

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Serialkabel/Serial Connector für/for WGT634U


  • Torxschraubendreher/screwdriver T 8
  • Knipex, or any other wire cutting pliers
  • Lötkolben/soldering iron
  • Schrumpfschlauch/shrinkable tubing

Einkaufsliste/Shopping list

  • Buchsenleiste abgeschnitten
    • BL 1X20W 2,54 - 20pol. Buchsenleiste, gewinkelt, RM (Rastermaß) 2,54 (-> or
    • BL 1X10G 2,54 - 10pol. Buchsenleiste, gerade, RM (Rastermaß) 2,54 (->
      (es werden nur vier Pings benötigt/you need only four pins -> Knipex, eine Seite mit Lötkolben markiert/one side marked with soldering iron)
  • S25 Datenkabel
    DATENKABEL S25 - für alle Siemens C/M/S 25/35/45 (enthält Pegelwandler/contains level converter (5V->3.3V))

To do list

  1. Der Stecker des Kabel (Telefonseite) muss gehöffnet werden/You have to open the plug which is intended to be used with the mobile phone.
    Stecker geschlossen

    danach/after (red cable is not connected, colouring can differ):
    Stecker offen
  2. Stecker entfernen und Farbbelegung merken/Remove the plug and remember the colour mapping. Siehe hier für Details/Look here for details pin mapping (DATA OUT=TX, DATA IN=RX)

    1 = GND, 5 = DATA OUT, 6 = DATA IN
    Stecker ab
  3. Kabel an die richtigen Pins anlöten und den Schrumpfschlauch zur Isolation benutzen/Solder the cables to the appropriate pins of the socket board and use the shrinkable tubing as insulation
    Buchsenleiste angeloetet
  4. fertiges Kabel an den WGT anschließen/Connect your customized cable to the WGT
    WGT offen Kabel dran
  5. More elegant solution

    The female end of a molex extension such as that used for processor fans (ADAPTER 3/3 30CM at Reichelt) will nicely fit on the WGT's connector and the individual wires can be fed through the ventilation holes onto the outside. This enables access to the serial port while the WGT's case is closed. You need two such extension cords, or rather: two female ends and one male end. One female end goes onto the WGT, one male end is dangling outside the WGT and one female end is connected to the serial cable.

    By pure coincidence said molex connector fits almost exactly into the available space (with about a millimeter of room left).

    1. Cut each molex cable in two.
    2. Put one female end onto the serial connector in the WGT. There are only three signals in the cable (while the serial connector has four) but you'll only need TX, RX and GND anyways. Hint: in order to enhance interoperability use the black wire for GND.
    3. Thread the wires through the WGT's ventilation holes on the upper side. Make sure you choose the right holes, so that you can close the case without bending the port or the connector:
      Wgt seite.jpg
      Wgt oben.jpg
    4. Reconnect one male end to the cable (maybe shorten it a little), and close the WGT.
      Wgt fertig.jpg
    5. Connect the remaining female end similar to the other instructions above:
      Serial cable.jpg

    No you can connect and disconnect the serial cable to your WGT at will, without opening it. And if need be you can undo all your modifications, because the hardware or case has not been changed.
    Bonus: The serial cable itself will fit an unmodified WGT (with open case, of course).