HWL-Testbed Computers, Networks & Simulations

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In this section of the wiki you will find some information about the organization und functioning of the METRIK testbed network. It's supposed to be a first guide for developers and scientists who do experiments on this network.

Computers, Networks and Hardware

Infrastructure & Services

Some general information about the computer, testbed-nodes, subnets and services we use.

About measuring & control units

The main purpose of the testbed network is to serve as a real-world scenario for testing and experimenting. In order to do that we use server that execute the measurements and control them. They are the interface to our network and provide the results of any experiment as raw data for further evaluations. Click here to enter.

Configuring the testbed

Network information, geo information, device information, node availability and comments about every node are gathered in a database. This tool is perfect to manipulate these information. Some of these information have a direct effect on the testbed network.

About the Devices

Special information about the devices are gathered here.


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