AdHocNetworks Glossary

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Please add all technical terms that you encountered during the seminar, including a verbose description of their meaning. Please keep those terms in an alphabetical order.

Word, Description of the word

  • Attenuation The attenuation denotes the loss of intensity a signal expieriences on its way to a reciever.
  • Multi-path fading A phenomenon from the domain of wireless networks. A signal emitted by a source node follows different paths on its way to the reciever node. In particular, the reciever node not only recieves the signal following the "line of sight" path, but also copies of this signal with a slight offset in time. Those copies followed a longer path and probably got reflected several times before reaching their destination. Because of these reflections the copies tend to be increasingly attenuated as time progresses.
  • Neighbor abstraction The neighbor abstraction is based on the assumption, that the nodes in a network can be partitioned into two sets of pairs, according to whether the two nodes in each pair can or can not communicate directly. Thus for any given node there exists a set of its neighbors. This assumption holds for wired networks.