Web Services

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Web Services

This page does not contain any theoretical discussions of web services. It is more a practical guide to develop such services. The whole stuff is not complete yet. So let's start.

You should really careful think about design before you should start coding a web service. The first line of java code in our actual project was written about six months after we started thinking about the design. To be fair - we developed a prototype in Perl to demonstrate some basic features of the architecture. The problem is, if you start the coding process which is described here then you must have an almost complete idea about your design and requirements. Many decisions depend on these facts. A web service does not mean Java or SOAP or anything else by default. If you want to develop a full featured management system then it is usually a bad idea to start with a small PHP script because everbody will extend the script until the complete system breaks.

So first design and second start coding.

  1. Language
  2. IDE
  3. Application Server
  4. Framework
  5. WSDL
  6. WS Security
  7. Deployment