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'''Bold text'''network attack & defense
'''network attack & defenseBold'''
1. introduction
1. introduction

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network attack & defenseBold

1. introduction 2. network attacks - overview - port-scans - nessus 3. summary 4. references

- IBM: increases of network attacks number of the attacks on networks of state institutions between july and august last yearly around 55 % risen - 80% of all network attacks are committed within the firewall of protected range ComputerWorld, Januar 2002

historical outline - 1971 John Draper find out that a toy whistle from a Muesli box reproduces exactly the clay/tone that a free voice grade channel opens - 1984 in the USA are discharged the Comprehensive Crime control act, a law that more possibilities to the secret service gives to put to credit card cheats and hackers the handicraft - 1986 in the USA two further laws, which concern themselves with attacks on computer systems, are adopted: The computer Fraud and electronics Communications Privacy act - 1988 Robert Morris bring 6.000 computers in the internet with a virus to the crash and to a punishment of $10.000 are condemned - 1994, summer Vladimir Levin, graduate of the pc. Petersburg Universit, steal with a Russian group of hackers 10 millions $ of the Citibank. He is arrested 1995 in London. - 1998, 19 May members of the group of hackers of L0pht warn of serious safety gaps. They maintain the internet in a half hour to paralyze to be able.